Social Economics

The goal of the Commission is to provide the members with social economic and economical information to facilitate their discussions with national and public authorities in the health-care sector.

Therefore, the commission designs surveys about the legal and social position of users using P&O devices as well as the payment (reimbursement) and social security systems. The commission also investigates the cost accounting- and price system used in each of the member countries and disseminates the outcomes to their members.

Mainly the commission focuses on P&O social economics issues that should provide the branch and the society as a whole with a transparent understanding of the delivery of P&O devices, its accessibility and functionality.


An extreme important part of the commissions' work is therefore the development of standards for P&O devices.

In 1998 Interbor has established a working group, existing of multi-disciplinary P&O professionals that has elaborated a nomenclature of ready-made P&O devices over the past years. The need to develop a nomenclature is directly linked to the EC Medical Device Directive, which is nowadays mandatory in every EU Member State. It exists of a coherent set of rules to be used for identification of P&O products. It covers:

The nomenclature can be used for different purposes, like:

For a demonstration click on: Interbor Nomenclature.

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